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What Convenience Advantages Does Hand Sanitizer Advertising Machine Bring To The Public

- Apr 07, 2021 -

In 2020, with the sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia virus, which broke the originally peaceful world, in order to better protect the people, we will go all out to fight the pneumonia epidemic. Shangxian hand wash disinfectant advertising machine came into being;


So what convenience advantages does the hand sanitizer advertising machine bring to the public under public opinion? Let me share with you these questions below:

1. Hand wash disinfectant LCD advertising machine: In response to the severe situation of the pneumonia epidemic, active prevention and control and waiting for prosperity of the industry have become more concerned issues. From the perspective of the Shangxian industry, the pneumonia epidemic has caught the pace of Shangxian people. The outbreak of pneumonia immediately jeopardizes the catering, tourism, hotel and other industries, causing many small and medium-sized enterprises that are driving the backbone of economic development to close down immediately or indirectly, confusing the rhythm of all industries, delaying exhibitions, companies stopping production and the problems of backward products . How to minimize the risk has become the focus of every commercial display company's daily work! To put it bluntly, how to find opportunities in the predicament, how to upgrade new methods, find business opportunities, highlight the heavy siege, and tide over the current difficulties. We must stand out in this era and seek opportunities in commercial display equipment manufacturers. After years of intelligent control of the sales market by Asianda, based on market surveys and analysis of the development trend of the pneumonia epidemic, Asianda soon began to develop a hand disinfection product LCD advertising machine that can harmonize the prevention of pneumonia and commercial display! The hand sanitizer LCD advertising machine can quickly deal with the problem of hand washing under the pneumonia epidemic, and spread the advertising information content according to the LCD wall-mounted advertising machine, thus realizing the organic combination of the two. The urgent needs of customers during the pneumonia epidemic were solved in time. This kind of hand sanitizer LCD advertising machine is favored by foreign customers.

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2. The advantages of hand sanitizer LCD advertising kiosk are: infrared sensor automatic hand sanitizer nozzle, infrared sensor sprays hand sanitizer or disinfecting gel, and can be quickly disinfected within one second, saving time and effort. Android 7.0 system software, quad-core computer motherboard, currently compatible with many mobile phone software on the market, there is no doubt that the system software is smooth. It has information content publishing software, data visualization, practical operation method, manual operation, and easy to use. The wall-mounted support frame and the column-type support frame can consider the requirements of multiple scenarios. The 3L large-capacity hand-washing disinfection box can prevent frequent addition of disinfectants and reduce maintenance costs. The hand sanitizer LCD advertising machine is a strategic demand for the development of pneumonia, and it is also the crystallization of Asianda's wisdom. Solving the market demand under the pneumonia epidemic is one of the development directions of commercial display equipment manufacturers. Although the sales market for monitors is 100 billion yuan, if the market demand cannot be met immediately, everything is illusory.

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